Our dogs


They all are Bernese Mountain Dogs, good-natured and warm-hearted giants, but each of them is quite different and unique. Living with Bernese is easy if you are able to understand distinctive 'language', but it can also be seriously exhausting and complicated if you underestimate their sensitive nature and ignore their desire for work and socializing. In our day-to-day relationship the first possibility is proven: we read the words from each other's eyes.



Only For Me z Deikowej Doliny - Ola

Born on 9 April 2011


Ola arrived from far away, from the very edge of Europe in the north of Poland. She became a member of our pack and grew into a lively and obedient dog. With her, we visited a few exhibitions and got excellent reviews. She passed her breeding exam successfully.


Blueberry Bernieshine - Berry

Born on 8 December 2006


Our "blueberry" was chosen from Cellina’s second litter. She has inherited her mother’s robust physique and her calm and protective nature which she expresses toward her older brother Addis. With her pleasant nature and good health she has proven to be an excellent breeding female.




Adis Bernieshine

Born on 4 May 2005


He was special already as a puppy in the first litter of Cellina and he is still special today. His formidable exterior is the exact opposite of his friendly and tolerant character. Once harnessed in the cart, it is obvious that he was born for the task. He has proved to be a gentle suitor and an excellent stud dog, as evidenced by the quality offspring at home and abroad.

Daiclaps Cellina

2 June 2002 - 6 July 2012


Speaking about Cellina, our first Berner, we always think of the canine perfection: an ideal character joined with Bernese robust exterior. Obedient, humble and gracious, this was our Cellina.

In early June 2012, we celebrated her 10th birthday. All these years passed too quickly. When she arrived from nearby Italy, we did not think that this was the beginning of our Bernieshine dynasty. She did not visit the vet very often nor did her offspring. We were impressed with her excellent successes at dog shows and later on we were happy to participate with all our dogs.

She had four beautiful litters and her 31 puppies brought in our home a lot of joy and many new friends. Her son Adis and her daughter Blueberry that remained at home inherited all her virtues. As an experienced mother she diligently assisted in the care and education of all the puppies, hers as well as those of Berry.